Zhineng Qigong

Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong

Learn the art and science of self-healing and healing family & friends. Activate & embody Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong consciously, energetically & mindfully, promoting awareness of our body, emotions and thoughts, for health, happiness, joy, compassion & longevity.

We practise Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong in a relaxed standing posture with gentle, meditative movements of the whole body, benefiting all the joints, organs and body systems; incorporating Visualisation,  Conscious Breathing and Sound Healing. We start with focusing on our Posture followed by ‘Organising the Qi (chi) Field’ (Energy Field) – interconnecting with Nature around us and connecting with all systems within our body, mind and heart. There are several levels – “Awakening Vitality”, “Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down” Method, “Body & Mind” method, Sound Healing, Haola! All is well and getting better!

Zhineng Qigong’s gentle, meditative movements are highly recommended for the Elderly;  Those who have Neurological challenges – Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Scherosis; Chronic disease; Stress; Work Related Stress; Strengthening muscles & increasing flexibility of the spine and joints & whole body; promoting health throughout all the Body Systems –  circulatory, Respiratory, Nervous, Digestive; Reproductive, Purification, and the Lymphatic Systems.   

Currently, classes and Practice are held on Mondays and Thursdays at 08.30 -10.00/10.30 at The Studio (which holds 5 students) or outside in Nature when the weather is sunny and warm or when there are more than 6 students, at Soil for Life in Constantia. Other days and times by arrangement.

Cell: 066 233 9874

The Physiology of Tai Chi and QiGong