Coping with Fear


Question:   How should one cope with fear?

Answer from the I Ching:

……Once we have acknowledged the presence of an evil element, we turn it over to the Cosmos for resolution and correction;  then we withdraw and think no more about it, so as not to become infected by it.

Turning the matter over to the Cosmos activates the power of Truth.

However, if we consciously dwell on the problem in an alienated way, if we try to have some intentional effect, or if we intervene by powerful means, the power of truth cannot come to our aid.

Involving ourselves in the matter means that our ego, whch distrusts the corrective power of the cosmos, has entered as the white knight in shining armour to do battle with the black knight of evil.   The intervention of our ego bars the Higher Power from helping us.

So long as we remain engaged with the problem the Higher Power is not free to act.

The hexagram states that we must be energetic in biting through the obstacle to unity.   It takes great energy to withdraw.

Forgiveness means that we try to understand how people are motivated to do wrong.

It is to understand the power that fear, doubt and bad habits of mind have over people.   It is also to understand that the Creative is capable of penetrating peoples’ hearts and of enlightening their minds….