Wave of the Future

The use of energy as medicine to cure and prevent human disease and degeneration has been studied and practised for thousands of years in China and other Oriental cultures.  

“Energy medicine holds the potential to revolutionize health care throughout the world, and it’s high time that it did.   Despite all the fancy gadgets and high-tech machinery, the expensive new drugs and increasingly complex surgical procedures upon which modern Western medicine depends, this form of medicine is rapidly losing the battle against cancer and AIDS, Altzheimer’s and heart disease, and scores of other ailments prevalent in the industrially developed world.   Meanwhile, the cost of the complex chemical-mechanistic methods favoured by orthodox Western medicine continues to multiply at a rate that affects the national economies of many countries.

Energy medicine requires little or no equipment, no drugs, no hospitalization, and entails little or no cost to the patient other than time and effort.    Based on the proven premise that all healing ultimately takes place within the patient’s  own energy system, and that all the therapist can do is stimulate the patient’s own energies to rally to his or her defence, energy medicine is good news for patients but very bad news for the bloated multi-billion dollar hospital and pharmaceutical industries, which thrive on public health crises without solving them.

Another good thing about energy medicine is that it enriches consciousness while promoting health and prolonging life. Owing to the inseparable and mutually transformative relationships among the Three Treasures of essence, energy, and spirit – in which energy functions as  a bridge between body and mind –  energy medicine not only heals the body, it also enhances the mind and stimulates spiritual growth.   Antibiotics and surgery certainly don’t do that!

Fortunately, when it comes down to the life-and-death issues of health and disease, people are interested only in what works, not in academic arguments and political debates.   Since energy medicine, when properly practised, usually works better than chemical or surgical medicine, without extravagant expense or debilitating side effects, it’s only a matter of time before the public demands its inclusion into the mainstream of modern medical care.”

[Daniel Read -The Complete Book of Chinese Health & Healing p266.]