Therapeutic Touch

The History

‘TT’ has its beginnings in the early 1970’s when after being invited to be part of a research programme at McGill University, Canada, Dr. Dolores Krieger, Professor Emerita of Nursing at New York University USA put the framework for Therapeutic Touch into a nursing model. She coined the name “Therapeutic Touch”.

Therapeutic Touch is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices and therefore it is transcultural in origin.

These practices consist of learned skills for consciously directing or sensitively modulating human energies” [D.Krieger 1993]

Human Energy Field

Dr. Martha E. Rogers who was Professor Emerita, Division of Nursing, New York University USA presents this abstract theory of Energy Fields.

Human beings and their environments are defined as energy fields.

Energy fields are the fundamental units of the living and non-living. Field is the concept that unites humans and their environments.  Energy signifies the dynamism of the human and environmental fields. Fields are infinite, in continuous motion, and always changing mutually.

Human and environmental energy fields evolve and continuously change at the same time.

Through the continuous process of humans and their environment, people are different today than they were yesterday.

Human beings are unique energy fields that cannot be divided or reduced.

Unique human energy fields are differentiated by pattern just as fingerprints are unique to individuals.

The human field is integral with its unique environmental field, which also cannot be divided or reduced. Both fields have infinite dimensions.

The Procedure

Therapeutic Touch is a non-contact form of touch. It is a gentle, non-invasive procedure during which a person’s energy fields are repatterned with caring, focused intention into a balanced state by the practitioner’s hands moving 3-5 inches off the body.

Therapeutic Touch can be carried out while sitting in a chair or lying in bed.   The person remains fully clothed.

Please wear loose cotton or wool or natural fibre clothing.

Therapeutic Touch can promote:

* A general relaxation response
* Reduction in pain
* A sense of well-being
* Decreased anxiety levels
* Facilitation of the body’s natural restorative processes
* Acceleration of wound healing
* Calmness & relaxation in children.

Therapeutic Touch is soothing, calming and relaxing when used on the Elderly, Babies, Children, the Ill, the Dying and anyone in physical or emotional distress or discomfort.

Solution Focused Therapy may be incorporated before the commencement of the Therapeutic Touch session.