Bereavement Counselling

Dying, Death and Bereavement

Not withstanding the overwhelming emotions of grief, anger and fear that may accompany the pending loss of one’s own life, through illness or disability or the loss of a beloved family member, friend or animal companion;  the experience can be one of spiritual, emotional and psychological exploration and growth which can lead to a peaceful and graceful acceptance of the continuity of consciousness through death.


We are light Beings Some slumbering Some awakening To the truth of who we are indestructible stars Housed only for a while in these temples of flesh Once our memories are refreshed We can see That this life This body Is simply a veil A vision A temporary reality That we are more That we […]

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HOW – Mary Oliver from Parabola

How shall I live my life? How shall I love the one I love? Once in a while how tightly the clouds ho[...]

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IN THOSE DAYS – Mary Oliver from Parabola

The old ones lay down for the last time on their own beds. They called us all by the wrong names, an[...]

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What I must Tell Myself (extract) By David Whyte

…Watching the geese go south I find that even in silence and even in stillness and even in my home[...]

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Invisible Earthquake – A woman’s journal through still birth

16th February, 16h15 Grief pulls your strings After letting you loose long enough So you will feel t[...]

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We are not Separate

The physicist, Albert Einstein’s response to a Rabbi who had written to him for advice on how to e[...]

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