What I must Tell Myself (extract) By David Whyte

…Watching the geese

go south I

find that even

in silence

and even in stillness

and even in my home


without a thought

or a movement

I am part

of a great migration

that will take me to another place.

And though all the things I love

may pass away and

the great family of things and people

I have made around me

will see me go,

I feel them living in me

like a great gathering

ready to reach a greater home.

When one thing dies all things

die together, and must live again

in a different way,

when one thing

is missing everything is missing,

and must be found again

in a new whole

and everything wants to be complete,

everything wants to go home

and the geese travelling south

are like the shadow of my breath

flying into the darkness

on great heart-beats

to an unknown land where I belong.